One day, working as waiter in a restaurant in Amsterdam, I was almost 20, I find a cheap camera on a table that some guest probably forgot; one of those normal film kodak camera for turists that everybody was using before the digital explosión.I bring that camera with me in a travel of few month in India that I had with other two friends that summer after the holland Winter. I came back with 23 colored Kodak films. A thousand of multicolored shots of India; every copy with the time and the dates printed on it. I decide to study photography for three years in Florence, where I got graduated in L.A.B.A. (Libera Accademia Di Belle Arti) and where I start doing work experiences in fashion, cinema and journalism.In Barcelona I finished my postgraduate in Photojournalism at I.E.F.C.(Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya).I'm currently living in Barcelona where i'm working as freelance with spanish and international magazines and I collaborate with Art Galleries.

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